We have well trained specialists in IT and you are able to connect directly over simple phone call and we could access your PC with just executing a single remote pc controlling application without any of installing lots of remote controlling softwares on your PC.

Don’t worry about regions and nations because we are already connected with very fast Internet each other. 
Whatever matters related to IT servcies you have we carry on these to the end with success.
Like as you are in your nations we provide expert IT services 24×7 without any delay in English.

You never find out any of IT service providing company like as the Combi&Com in South Korea.
We have very special identity in IT servcie areas and we may say that it is simplification.

It is very easy to contact us. Open one of your favorite email composers and type op@lingo.co.kr in recepient field.

Type what you want as much as you imagine in your email body section and hit the send email button at the top left conner of your email composer. Please don’t forget to write your current timezone in your email message.

That’s all. We will answer your email as soon as possible or we may give you several phone calls. It depends on your cases.