Who we are

We have well trained specialists in IT and you are able to contact us directly over a single phone call and we could access your PC w/ just executing a single remote pc controlling application that a single installing of remote controlling software in your PC.

Don’t worry about regions and nations because we are already connected with very fast Internet each other at a time. 
Whatever matters related to IT servcies you have we carry on these to the end with success.
Like as you are in your nations we provide expert IT services 24×7 without any delay in English.

You never find out any of IT service providing company like as the Combi&Com in South Korea.
We have very special identity in IT servcie areas and we may say that it is simplification.

It is very easy to contact us. Open one of your favorite email composers and type op@lingo.co.kr in recepient field.

Type what you want as much as you imagine in your email body section and hit the send email button at the top left conner of your email composer. Please don’t forget to write your current timezone down in your email message.

That’s all. We will answer your email as soon as possible or we may give you several phone calls. It depends on your case.

Services we have

We serve most of all services that related to IT. For example there are Email Collaboration, Groupware, Local Web Hosting, Global Web Hosting, dedicated local server hosting, Co-location, File Server, Active Directory Server, Linux based server service, Windows based server service and so on.

Not only software services but also hardware services like as building your own Datacentre at your local company inside, syncronizing or centralizing between or among company’s Datacentres located at here and there in the world, maintaining & retailing of PC inside your local company and so on are served by us directly.

Recovering Microsoft Outlook

As you know nobody interested in your broken Microsoft Outlook at all. We are very used to repair Microsoft Outlook and tens of thousands of people were released from pretty serious headache by us instantly. If you take look at the Google Reviews at the bottom of this page then you will feel it’s true obviously. All processes to repair your broken Mircrosoft Outlook are processed by us remotely w/o visiting your local office w/o any delay in English.
Are you struggling with Microsoft Outlook now? The thing is there is no answer in the internet at all and only Combi&Com could repair your Microsoft Outlook and restore your PST or OST file properly.


So many forigen companies based on South Korea’s area trust us and take over their tasks like as migration of WordPress between nations, installing and maintaining WordPress, building and designing WordPress, troubleshooting of WordPress and so on.

According to their previous stories the most unpleasant case was pretty late respond for the request.
Actually we have no time to loose but we are accurate for your request always.
We have small mouth but have big ears and eyes so we do task immediatly.